The resources on the NAU Career Service Website will help you prepare for a productive and effective job search as well as enhance your career development efforts. NAU wants to ensure that you are ready for the job market when you graduate. Career development is central to the mission and the overall purposes of the university, and the career services staff has the responsibility to assist students and graduates in this important endeavor. Several classes are built into the curriculum to help guide you to finding a job and managing your career.  Our faculty and program chairs also contribute to this effort.  Career services directors are available to help you with resume writing, job search techniques, dressing for success, and more.

Career Assessments

Career Assessments are great tools to help you determine your strengths when pursing your dreams of a career.  It is important to note that not all assessments are valid or reliable but can be helpful.  

Holland Code Career Testing  

Job and Career Accelerator Interest Matcher  (Click here for further directions)

Job and Career Accelerator Skills Matcher  (Click here for further directions)


Why Certification?

Certifications provide you with credentialing.  Having a credential in a field related to the job for which you are applying can be of benefit both in the application process and the  job interview process. Certifications show employers that you have a specific level of skill, knowledge and/or ability to perform tasks associated with a particular job or a range of jobs. 

Certification also means you are in a network of people with “like” skills, thus enabling you to build a common community with others in your field seeking similar job positions.  These communities or social networks may be an entree into your first job, but can continue to help you when changing jobs.

Certifications look great on a resume and help distinguish you from others who may not be certified in a particular area.  Your Career Services Director can assist you in how to include certification(s) on your employment resume.

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Career Readiness Videos

Watch, learn and prepare today to land the job you desire.  Below, please select your desired short video clip in efforts to proactively learn, prepare, assist and conquer your career next career opportunity.  

Career Development

Career Management


Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Digital Technology

Global/Intercultural Fluency


Professionalism/Work Ethic


Career Readiness Curriculum

NAU offers the following courses to help you plan and manage your future career:

  • Juggling College, Life, and Career: Set Up for Success! (CS1201)
  • Do the Numbers! Achieving College and Career Success (CS1301)
  • Pathways to Academic and Professional Success (CS1600)
  • Career Management (CS2080)
  • Career Path Planning (CS2086)
  • Special Topics in Career Management (CS1900-2990)