Networking is important to finding the career of your dreams.  Studies show that professional networking has become a major avenue for finding career placement, approximately 80% of jobs are found through networking. The best thing about networking is that it can be done anywhere, anytime. 

Who to networking with? 

  • Faculty/Staff
  • Friends 
  • Relatives 
  • Acquaintances 
  • Work Supervisor 
  • Colleagues/Peers 
  • Professionals whose service you use
  • Professional groups or committees
  • College Alumni  
  • Social Media 

It is a good idea to reach out to these people to let them know you are seeking employment and the type of employment you are seeking.  Prepare your Personal Brand Statement to ensure you are well poised and standout.  Whether networking in person or via social media, successful networking requires a strategic and planned approach.  Continue exploring how to network by clicking on the other networking tabs. 

Build your personal Brand

Building your personal brand statement will give you confidence to promote yourself to others.  A personal brand statement is a 10-30 second statement about who you are and your skills.   

  • Who you are 
  • Keep this professional 
  • The skills you have to offer and internship experience
  • Brainstorm transferable skills and past experiences that make you a great employee that someone would want to hire 
  • What benefits you are able to bring to an organization 
  • Do you have something that stands out from others?  
  • Follow it up with a question or statement 
  • Make a lasting impression by engaging those you speak with 
  • Pull it all together; here is an example:  

Hello, my name is Megan Smith. I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from National American University. While in school, I worked full time as a receptionist at Verifications. I enjoyed assisting everyone in the office and always went above and beyond to meet customer expectations. I gained great customer services skills helping customers resolve their complaints or directing them to the person who could assist them. I also tutored students at NAU in the Business Statistics class. I really enjoyed Business Statistics and learning all of the functions of operating a business. I am a hard worker with great customer service skills, a stable education and the ability to communicate effectively with people. With my qualifications do you feel that I would be a good fit at your company? 

Networking with Social Media

Networking with Social Media can be a great way to meet new people and explore new opportunities.  Be sure that everything on your social media sites is professional.  Most organizations and individuals have a social media presence which makes it a powerful resource for career and network development.    

Join Linkedin 
Learn how to build a professional profile and network at LinkedIn for Students:

  • Build a professional profile by including your resume.  This is a great way to promote your skills. 
  • Incorporate your personal brand statement in your summary or headline on your page
  • Use a professional profile picture 
  • Join groups and participate relevant to your career of choice 
  • Reach out to alumni and utilize the NAU Alumni page <insert link>
  • Follow company pages you are interested at working in to get up to date information 
  • Utilize the job search function to find careers in your field and apply directly for Linkedin


  • Display your professional personal brand by making a catchy twitter handle 
  • Use an appropriate professional picture 
  • Link your resume to your Twitter account 
  • Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t want a recruiter to see 
  • Follow industries and organization in your field to get up to date information 
  • Use hashtags to boost your searching power and save promising searches. 
  • Search for jobs by location, titles, hashtags or social recruiting resources 


  • Create a professional profile and ensure your security settings are updated 
  • Use a professional picture 
  • Don’t put anything on Facebook you wouldn’t want a recruiter to see 
  • “Like” groups and employer pages and show interest to the groups or pages